Working with Water for Healing and Manifestation

Blessed Manifestation
4 min readJul 8, 2022


During this watery Cancer season I was inspired to share more of how I work with water; our most precious resource.

While it’s important to work with and be grateful for all of the elements, our bodies are mostly made of water so I feel that it’s such a vital element to understand, in order to better understand ourselves. Though we understand the components of water, we cannot create water; we rely on our world and natural resources to provide this necessary element in our lives. But while we can learn about the physical properties of water, not many know or understand its spiritual and energetic significance.

I knew of some “witchy” ways to use water, but I never really connected until after watching the show “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. Watching that show helped something click inside me regarding water — this happened in 2021 actually, and I’m so glad it did. Working with water has significantly improved my life.

How I use water for Healing

I primarily work with the Virgen de Regla (Our Lady of the Rule), which is a veneration of the Mother Mary. She is associated with the ocean, much like the Yoruba Goddess Yemaya, who the Virgen de Regla is syncretized with in many spiritual paths. Because the Virgen de Regla is associated with salty waters, she can help you with healing.

Salt is a purifier; it is a powerful tool used for cleansing and protection. If you ever feel like your lifeforce is being drained, or you’ve been experiencing a while of bad luck, bathing in saltwater (especially sea salt) could be useful in cleansing your energy. I don’t have a tub at home, so I soak my feet in sea salt and Epsom salt at least once per week, to help me release heavy and negative energies. Bathing in the sea or ocean would be ideal, but a saltwater bath or solution can be just as powerful. I always thank the water for cleansing me, and I say a prayer (or Novena) to Our Lady of the Rule, to amplify the healing within me.

As well, if you are experiencing a moment of grief, calling on Our Lady of the Rule for support can help to soothe you; she will dry your tears and help you move away from the turmoil (storm) in your life.

I also create protective waters using Moon or Holy Water, or sometimes even Florida water. These blessed waters can also help to purify your energy field and cleanse you from conditions such as evil eyes or jinxes.

How I use water for Manifestation

For manifestation work involving water I work with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre (Our Lady of Charity), who is another veneration of the Mother Mary. She is syncretized with the Yoruba Goddess Oshun, and is associated with the sweet waters (such as rivers).

Anytime you do cleansing work, you want to counterbalance with receiving work because if you only focusing on cleansing, you don’t make space for receiving. Cleanse and then focus on manifesting. Think of the sweet waters as nourishing rather than purifying. Drinking water, for example, keeps us hydrated. It offers us with a vital resource to keep living. In essence, manifestation work is about soaking up the nourishing energies of the Universe, and then harnessing it get what you want.

One of the main ways I use water for manifestation is by thanking it and then charging it with an intention, before drinking it. So let’s say I want to manifest a new job. I would take a cup of drinking water and sit with it for a moment, holding the cup between my hands. I would thank the water for its service (because water holds energy) and for helping me manifest a new job. I thank it as if I already have the new job and that cup of water helped me do it — this will help you receive the frequency of your manifestation. Lastly, I tell the water exactly the kind of job I want, and will receive — I try to offer as much detail as possible. When I’m ready, I drink the water, envisioning its magical power is pouring into me. When I do this it actually feels like I’m drinking some powerful potion to help me receive my desire.

I amplify my manifestation work by offering a prayer (or Novena) to Our Lady of Charity, and my thanks.

I work with high vibrational beings connected to water, but even if you don’t, you can at least charge your water by thanking it, and by setting an intention for how it will be used. Try to thank water often for all it does for you — it helps you cook, clean, helps with hygiene, staying hydrated, cooling off, etc…

And to go even further with gratitude for this precious resource, I also donate to charities, such as The Ocean Cleanup Fund and Charity:water, which serves to keep me in that vibration of gratitude…this is what opens the door to greater abundance, and miracles!



Blessed Manifestation

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