What to do when entertainment is no longer entertaining

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4 min readJun 14, 2021

I’ve seen a trend over the past few months where people have complained about no longer being inspired by the entertainment they loved, such as video games, movies, TV shows, etc. I see people posting asking for suggestions on what to watch next or what to read next, because they are no longer finding enjoyment in their favorite genres. I’ve experienced this myself; often finding myself scrolling through my lists on Netflix or Amazon, or any of the other streaming services, looking for something “fun”. Or honestly, just looking for something to distract me.

I get it. I love getting lost in a series or a good game, to keep me entertained, but really it’s also a way for me to escape from the routine; it’s a way to take my mind off of the endless ‘to-do’s’. The thing is eventually the game ends or the show ends, and so yes you can choose to find something else to keep you occupied in a state of wonder, or excitement (or fill in the blank), but what happens when you seem to have lost inspiration? What happens when none of the movies, shows, or games on your lists are able to fill your cup?

When you feel like this, you have a few options. You can keep scrolling to see if something piques your interest. You can try genres that are the opposite of what you’re used to (sometimes shifting your perspective can help). Or you can just stop and listen. The thing is, that heavy “feeling” or void as I like to call it, has something important to share with you, and so it has turned off your inspiration switch until you pay attention to it; you are right to think that there’s something “off”.

Your therapist might give it a clinical term; they may have you dig deep to find the cause, and maybe this would be the best course of action for you. But before analyzing this with anyone else, I want you to consider having a conversation with this void. Actually set a time, date, and a set amount of time (lets say an hour), to sit with this void, without trying to fill it or distract yourself from it. The more you try to push it aside, the stronger this void will feel, and the longer it will last. You probably already know this because this isn’t the first time this is happening for you. Maybe before it was easier to switch off, but these days it’s getting harder and harder to be distracted (I’ll share my thoughts on that in a bit).

Before starting a conversation with your void, give it a name — you can even call it by your own name. Grab a paper and pen for notes on things that come up, or record your session with the void. Here are some prompts for your convo:

1- Why are you here?

2- What do you need me to know?

3 — What do you need me to do?

4 — What can I do to get back to a place of inspiration?

5 — What am I missing? Or what is missing from my life?

Write down or record the responses which come up for you, and any other thoughts/emotions. Then once the time is up, you can thank your void, and continue with your day. You can also keep going if the conversation is juicy.

It seems we want to know all of the great things about ourselves, and none of the other stuff. We are not taught to really dig deep and analyze ourselves, and behaviors. It’s uncomfortable, or challenging, or can bring up thoughts and emotions we don’t want to deal with; I get it. Been there, done that. But there comes a point where it will get harder and harder to push things aside, especially now.

We are all shifting into a new, collective reality. Many in the spiritual community are saying that this is a new paradigm we are in; shifting into higher dimensions. I am questioning everything, so I don’t believe anything 100% but I can feel shifts happening. I am not the same person I was a year ago, and I’m guessing neither are you. If you want to get over this phase, you have to go through it. Your void will no longer be ignored.

After you tap into it and have your convo, then you can continue working with it in other ways, such as speaking to a therapist, or speaking to a friend about it, or meditating on it, or asking it more questions…find whatever way you need to, to actually deal with this. You’ll notice it getting less and less intense over time, but here’s the key — keep working on it even if you start to feel “good” because if not…it will be back.

But even if/when it comes back, you’ll greet it like an old friend.

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