Weekly Tarot & Energy Forecast — July 26 to August 1, 2021

Grand Rising Blessed Manifestation family! Here is your weekly Tarot & Energy Forecast for July 26th to August 1st 2021. Please note that energy is constantly shifting, so take this reading as advice but not as something set in stone. Always follow your inner compass for guidance.

I will be posting a daily card on TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, so find me on there and get a reminder of the energy for the day.

The overall energy this week:

This week will be a blessed one for breaking free from that which no longer serves us. We will be receiving new opportunities, signs, gifts from the Universe — there will be new energy infusing us, as we enter into August. Your victory is assured! There is still some work to be done, as we cleanse ourselves from what is no longer working in our lives, but we are supported.

Circumstances from your past which did not pan out before, may get another chance for success — there’s not much for you to “do” necessarily, other than show up to life with an open mind, and heart. Be open to receiving what is rightfully yours.

A focus this week will be on your relationships; with family, friends, and romantic partners — how is your bond with these people? Many of you are stuck in co-dependent cycles; love born out of fear — clinging to the way things have always been. Or you are the one trying to break free from these cycles. Pay attention to the stories and patterns played out in your relationships this week. Many of these fear-based circumstances will be broken, for the best and highest good of all. Don’t chase what is trying to break free; just let things be.

I’m feeling a lot of male energy this week — the Divine Masculine, finding ways to support us and work with the Divine Feminine energies of the moment. Many of you may cross paths with an influential male (or person with strong, masculine energy) this week, whether for partnership in work/business, or for romance. Be discerning but also remain open to possibilities.


We have been working this summer on reclaiming our energies, and stepping into our power. Your relationships are shifting for your best and highest good. There is no longer a need to cling to the past and how things were; love will always be present, but allow the Universe to determine the best form for you. This may mean that some relationships will be dissolved the best and highest good of all. It’s OK and it is safe to do so, for you and for the others. We all have our own paths and support systems in place; all is well.

Take deep breaths as you move forward with the best course for you, even if that means leaving others behind. They will be alright and so will you. For this next step in your journey you will need to break free from the burdens of others, and it will happen. Trust that everything is unfolding in the best way. Your task for today is to honor everything in your life as is; give it thanks and send it love. Continue forward with the guided steps you are receiving.

Many of you are breaking free from toxic relationships and circumstances (could even be toxic work environments); you will feel so much better once this is completed.


As you continue to release the people and circumstances that no longer serve you, you may begin to feel uncertain of how things will work out. You may feel tested or challenged by your thoughts and emotions. For many of you, I see this as a concern over your finances if you have recently left a job (or were let go), or are thinking of quitting. But Spirit wants you to know that everything is already taken care of for you. As I mentioned earlier, this is a blessed week for receiving the support you need. Know that you are loved and things are working in your favor.

Your task today is to lean on Faith. Ask Spirit to support you as you transition to a new phase. As well, you can always ask for support from your loved ones, to help uplift you. Trust that Love is ever-faithful to you, and will continuously show you signs to let you know “all is well”. There is no need to worry.

Some of you may feel called to work with the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine energy, in all Her forms. Lean on Her for comfort and guidance at this time. I work with Mother Mary in all Her venerations, so consider doing a Rosary if you are called to do so, to ask for strength and support through any trials you may be facing.


You may feel lighter and more uplifted today; filled with Hope. You have every reason to feel hopeful, because success is already yours. You asked for help and you are always receiving it. The Universe is sending helpful resources your way today — support to help you feel fulfilled and blessed.

For many of you, there will be a person (or group) that will be in contact with you — this person can help take you to another level in life. They can possibly serve as a mentor, or they could be offering you a new opportunity; for some of you this person could be a new love interest. Be open to what they have to offer, and always look to Spirit for guidance on what to do next.

You may also be called to serve in a position of leadership; maybe a new job opportunity or promotion, or you are feeling called to start your own business. You have what it takes to serve in this new role; believe in yourself.

All of your endeavors today will be blessed; believe it.


Whatever new energy has entered in your life (could be a new person, job, opportunity), proceed with a balanced approach. For many of you this could represent a new love interest; always consider if any new person or circumstance that enters your life reminds you of a past person or circumstance. If it feels familiar, you may be entering into more of the same that you don’t really want. Today’s message is to just feel things out before jumping in.

Your greatest life partner is Spirit, and you can always trust that when you connect with Spirit, you will receive the best answer.

If you recently received a new job offer or opportunity, or even a potential romantic partnership, take a moment before committing — something better may be right around the corner. Or there are more details to be worked out. Your task today is to connect with Spirit for guidance. Deepen your spiritual practice so that you can be sure of what your next, best move will be.

Sometimes there are multiple opportunities that come our way, and all are blessed. You may be presented with multiple, wonderful options, and are unsure of which one would be best for you. Weigh out the pros and cons with Spirit today so you have greater clarity for tomorrow.


Whatever was confusing or uncertain this week will be cleared up. Today you will have greater clarity of what to do next; you are stepping into your authority. Say YES to those roles or positions of leadership, whether offered to you or created by you. You have the power to determine the course of your destiny.

A great reordering and balancing is happening in your life. Previous roads which were closed off to you may now be open for you. Whatever you didn’t feel strong enough or “ready” for, you now have the capacity for. You are set free from that which was holding you back; obstacles are being removed for you. This is truly a wonderful moment of releasing the old, and welcoming the new.

Money will also be coming to you soon, whether as a new job, opportunity, raise, idea, solution, etc. For many of you this money will be in the form of some kind of legal settlement or dispute which was held back from you. Give thanks for all the blessings coming your way!


Sometimes when we are fully in our authority, as the Light which we are, the darkness becomes attracted to it — like a moth to a flame. Possibly there are some people in your life who do not like all of your success and glory, and are envious of the blessings in your life. As a person who is energy sensitive, one of the greatest gifts I received from Spirit was that of discernment. Not everything you do is for everyone. There’s no need to share all of your glory with everyone in your life, and especially not on social media for all to see. Be aware of how to share, when, and with who.

Your task today is to cleanse your energy; your personal energy and that of your home/work spaces. You are breaking ties with anyone who wants to hold you back and keep you down. You are breaking the chains which are keeping you stuck.

For many of you who are breaking free from toxic relationships and cycles, the other person (or people) will try to seduce you back — maybe promising you the world, which they cannot give you. You have greater strength and awareness now, so you know they no longer have any power over you — in fact, they never did. The more you can clear your energy, the clearer you will see, feel, and know this truth. In fact, as you are cleansing your energy, clear their stuff from your home/work spaces — you can give it back to them or throw it out, but either way get it out of your space.

Any items in your home that remind you of past circumstances of lack, or fear, or powerlessness — the energies which are no longer a part of you — get rid of them. Thank them, bless them, and release them. This could include old bills or debt collection letters, for example.

Post less, say less, and learn to work more in secret. Not everyone wants to see you succeed, and that is just a fact, not something for you to be concerned with — just aware.


More signs and messages are on the way for your success! It’s almost like a rain shower of opportunities coming down on you! Just bask in the excitement of it all and give any worries over to Spirit — in fact, there is no need for you to worry at all. Everything is truly working in your favor.

We are in a new month; a new chapter, and new adventure. Out of all the options before you, which feels the most___ (fill in the blank) for you? What do you want to feel more of? So if it’s fun, then what feels the most fun for you? Follow that because you are carving out your destiny. The Universe is just waiting for you to tell it what you want to do. So step in your power and claim more of what you want; what you truly desire because it speaks to your spirit.

You have (or will soon have) all of the money, tools, resources, support you need and more — trust! Spirit is sending you signs and guidance so pay attention, and as always continue to connect for even greater clarity.

You are soaring to new heights! Greater success in career, business, and yes even relationships. Always give thanks and don’t forget to pay it forward.

What do you think of this week’s reading?

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising. Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer

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Blessed Manifestation

Blessed Manifestation

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising. Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer

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