Weekly Tarot & Energy Forecast — July 19 to July 25, 2021

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6 min readJul 19, 2021


Grand Rising Blessed Manifestation family! So I have been doing daily tarot readings since 2018! Yes, daily! Very rarely did I take time off from doing these daily readings. But now it’s time for something new. I decided instead to try a weekly tarot and energy forecast, so that you can get a general sense of what is heading our way this week. Please note that energy is constantly shifting, so take this reading as advice but not as something set in stone. Always follow your inner compass for guidance.

I will be posting a daily card on TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, so find me on there and get a reminder of the energy for the day. With that being said, here is your weekly Tarot & Energy Forecast for July 19th to July 25th, 2021:

The overall energy this week:

We will be blessed by a Full Moon in Aquarius this week, and it will be taking us on a trip into our subconscious. We’ll be tapping in to our inner child and our childhood dreams. What did you aspire to be, as a child considering their adulthood? Who did you dream of becoming? For some of you, the career and life changes you’ve been pondering have much to do with what you wanted to be as a child.

Connect with your little self this week and ask her, or ask him what their opinion is of what you’ve made of your life. Where do they think you veered off course, and what do they suggest you do in order to get back on track? You have a choice as to whether or not to listen, but your inner child will always be a part of you; you’ll find more fulfillment by listening to them. And of course, you must make time for lots of play and rest this week, to restore your energy. While you’ll want to keep taking action towards your dreams, the energy is more about you allowing yourself to receive rather than working “hard” to get what you want. As well, this is more of a solitary week; spend more time with yourself than with others. If things feel a little too “spacey” for you, try a grounding meditation.


Your intuition is on point, so pay attention to the messages it has for you (including dream messages). By going within you will get the clarity you need to make a decision. As well, important news or information is coming which can help you this week. Communication is the focus today; inner communication and external. It’s important for you to keep an open mind, and listen. There is wisdom in all the ways the world and Spirit communicates with you today. If there’s someone you’ve been thinking of reaching out to, go for it — make the first move.


The past is in the past, but sometimes it comes back to teach you something you forgot. There’s a door from the past that you forgot to close or overlooked, and something has crept back in — could be a thought, a memory, a person, etc. Whatever has come back for you today, approach with caution. Take a balanced approach towards whatever comes up, and see this moment as an opportunity. Whatever has returned, this could be the moment for true closure and healing. As well, some of you will be unlocking powerful gifts from a past life (psychic gifts for many of you); you get to choose whether you want to keep them or not — you always have a choice. If it feels familiar, it probably is — don’t expect a different outcome to the same approach — this may apply to you if an ex wants back in the picture.


Spirit is advising you to view the world with a childlike sense of wonder; don’t take things so seriously. Yes you are the master of your life, but you are also life’s student. Don’t assume you know everything; be willing to learn new ways of doing things and being. Spirit is always leading you towards the best situations and outcomes, but you always get to choose whether or not you want to listen (hopefully you do). Your Spiritual family is always with you, and they want you to know that you can trust them. Even though some roads have led to bumpy detours, you will always get back on track, and everything is perfect anyway because God’s hands are on it. You might be feeling afraid of making a certain decision or moving forward with a particular choice; ask Spirit to help you overcome your fears — Spirit will never fail you. Go back to your childlike innocence; whatever has come up for you today is new — don’t put old stories on this new moment.


Tap into the pool of creativity within you — you don’t need to have the perfect form in order to share your works with the world, just complete whatever project or goal you’ve been working on. Use the energy of the day to help propel your projects towards completion. Some of you may have been called recently to create something specifically for children, or work with children — this idea is blessed; go for it! You have what it takes to succeed; don’t hold yourself back. Take things step by step if needed, but keep moving forward. Do it gently though, there’s no need to rush or force things to happen. If you’ve been wanting to conceive, today would be great to give it a go.


Fate is at play today! You may have been wanting to move forward with a major decision, but there may be a pause in the momentum. Being aligned can also mean course-correcting. That’s not to say things won’t pan out, just be flexible with how things manifest. Sometimes a lucky break is wrapped in a breakdown of some sort; don’t give up or call it quits! This week is all about flexibility and going with the flow — you are always being guided to the best outcome and circumstances. Take today to catch your breath and see if you overlooked any important details. Regardless, something blessed is coming!


It’s Full Moon day! And it’s in Aquarius so things may get weird, in the best way! In fact, let your “freak” flag fly; be you, fully. Magical occurrences, lucky breaks, synchronistic events, and more may occur on this “wishes fulfilled” kind of day. You might feel more “tingly” than usual as you feel the Universal flow coursing through you. Use this extra energy to do something fun! Get out of your head and into your body — dancing is a wonderful way to not only exercise but also activate your lower chakras, for creative expression. This can also help raise your vibrations. Just have fun today! Laugh like never before. Give thanks for all the bountiful blessings coming your way.


Continue to keep your vibrations high since you are in rapid manifestation mode. Whatever you are focused on, you will manifest, so clear your mind of any clutter and make space for what you actually want to bring to form. Make lots of wishes, like when you were a child, but this time know that they will come true. Use techniques such as visualization, vision boards, and yes even daydreaming, to allow your mind to play with the possibilities you’ve come up with. Believe that you are worthy to receive, with ease. Don’t focus on the “how” your dreams will come true, or in what form they take, just dream and believe.

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