Weekly Tarot & Energy Forecast — August 16 to August 22, 2021

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Grand Rising Blessed Manifestation family! Here is your weekly Tarot & Energy Forecast for August 16th through August 22nd, 2021. Please note that energy is constantly shifting, so take this reading as advice but not as something set in stone. Always follow your inner compass for guidance.

I will be posting a daily card on TikTok, and Youtube so find me on there and get a reminder of the energy for the day.

The overall energy this week:

The energy this week will, thankfully, be lighter and feel more grounded as we enter into orderly Virgo season. We have all gone through so many blessed changes, but even blessed changes can feel overwhelming. A lot of healing work has been done and we are transitioning into newer, better versions of ourselves. It’s time to focus on what your vision for your life is — don’t be afraid to dream big!

Think of this week as a “wishes fulfilled” kind of week, so it is very important to keep your thoughts focused on what you want to create. Now let me be clear, you cannot control every single thought that pops up — it is a given that there will be some negative or unsupportive thoughts, but you don’t have to engage with them. Don’t try to fight them or understand them; just let them be. You just keep showing up and doing your thing — visualizing yourself “there” at the end of your vision; feeling the feelings (vibrations) of what you want. Continue to elevate your thoughts using techniques such as mantras, affirmations, prayers, and even meditation. You are supported and you only have to keep showing up to life — you give a step and the Universe will give 10,000 in return.

Accept the help that comes your way, even if it may not take the form you were expecting.

What’s important here is to continue to remember your vision — don’t make assumptions based on your current circumstances, or past experiences.

Be open to receive. It looks like this week will include synchronistic events and meetings, good news, resources, opportunities, and more. Keep asking for what you want, and know that your prayers are being answered in the best ways.

Material needs will continue to be met — while you still want to elevate your vibes, also stay grounded in your body and experiences. How can you treat your body better, with more help and resources? Could it be through eating more organic foods, or getting massages, or investing in a special healing treatment? Use any newfound financial resources to help give your body an experience it has been needing, or longing for.

As you visualize your future self and future life, don’t worry about how these things will come about. Remember, you are co-creating with Spirit, so allow yourself to be shown the next steps to take. It may be tempting to bore your plans with details, but this is not your task for this week — you just want to use your imagination and give Spirit the overall vision, while then Spirit will create the blueprint for you. And when doubt creeps in, put it in prayer — you are so much more powerful than you think!

Monday, August 16th

Some seeds you planted are beginning to bear fruit. I see your cup overflowing; the Universe is pouring into it everything you have given — your love, your hard work, your willingness. You are receiving back that which you have put out. Don’t think that the work you put in was in vain.

I see you having more clarity and knowing what to do next; moving forward confidently. I see you receiving news, solutions, opportunities, etc today, so be on the lookout. Anything could be a sign or message from Spirit, even in dreams.

You may feel inspired to create something; move forward confidently. You are guided and supported. You don’t need to know the full picture, but at least for today you can know what to do next. Just continue to show up. Some of you will receive another chance at something which did not pan out previously, related to your material needs.

Some of you had been blocked or were in a “stuck” phase — this will be done. The block is removed and the energy is now flowing to you in the way it should be. You are reclaiming your energy and blessings.

The action for today is to create when inspired, to pay attention to the signs, and to be open to receive.

Tuesday, August 17th

Sometimes when we receive a flow of Abundance towards us, it may be tempting to hoard that energy. Abundance is about giving and receiving, infinitely. So if you, for example, receive a windfall of money, don’t allow thoughts of “losing” it to determine your feelings or actions. Lack is simply an illusion.

You always have more than enough. If you feel yourself “lacking” in one area of your life, focus today on where else there is Abundance. So maybe the money you need right now isn’t here (yet), but what else is? Could it be the love of your family and friends? Could it be the current resources you have (like a home, running water, electricity…)? You have so much to be grateful for! Start there.

Zoom out and see how you can help others today — could it be through tithing? Could it be through helping a loved one? Reach out to your community and see how you can contribute, because this is what will continue the flow of Abundance in your life. Some of you have been wanting to meet up with a friend you possibly haven’t seen in a bit; make a date and offer to pay for the meal, because you can afford it!

The action for today is to notice everything you have to be thankful for, and align yourself with gratitude. As well, pay it forward.

Wednesday, August 18th

Make a wish! In fact, make several wishes, because they are coming true. Today is one where you want to keep the vibes high; even though we are energetically supported we still need to be cognizant of what signals we are sending the Universe. The energy is so forward moving that you don’t want anything holding you back; if any drama crosses your path, change directions. Avoid dramatic, negative people and energies today and stay focused on your dreams coming true!

Today is most powerful for manifestation work, so whatever rituals you usually do to manifest, do them now — try everything to get you in that state (have you tried the 3–6–9 method?). You may have already received the answers to your prayers, or a long-held dream come to fruition. This is one of those days where you want to pay extra close attention to the guidance and signs received because you are in alignment!

Many of you have overcome an important challenge; one that has shaped you into the person you are today. You’ve learned the lessons and can look back with a greater sense of wisdom. You are ready for this new beginning! Everything is working out perfectly and there is no need to worry at all.

The action for today is to keep your vibes high and manifest!

Thursday, August 19th

We are continuing to ride the wave of abundance! Synchronistic events, opportunities, and messages are the order for the day. You will continue to witness your manifestations take shape. I sense greater clarity and creativity for us all, especially regarding ways to make money.

Many of you will be on path towards starting your own businesses, or coming up with creative solutions to cash-flow problems. I also sense many of you will receive promotions or bonuses from work, or even start in a new career path; the blessed changes continue!

If you receive an unexpected windfall of money for example, consider creating a plan or budget to spend (or save) wisely. Speaking with an advisor, such as an accountant or financial planner, can help you better use this newfound resource.

The action for today is to continue keeping your vibes high and pay attention to all the signs and messages coming your way; even if you don’t immediately understand them, take notes for review later on.

Friday, August 20th

Can you see now how the challenges of the past have brought you to this place of fulfillment? Can you see how everything happened for a reason? Today you will gain greater insight into why things happened the way they did.

For many of you these blessed changes were related to your relationships; possibly a very painful breakup. Anytime something is removed from our lives, or we let them go, we make space for something new. Whatever is gone will be replaced by something better; better sources of income, better relationships, better experiences…in essence, you are heading towards the total package.

Today’s card signifies a conclusion of sorts, which is leading you towards a new beginning — one where you are fulfilled and your cup is overflowing. Whenever you find yourself drawn to the past and thinking about how things were, just remind yourself that you are heading towards better and brighter days. Be willing to let go of what is no longer working in your life.

The action for today is to use the element of water to wash away the old and outdated…take an energy cleansing bath, or bathe in the sea, or ocean. Also bless every cup of water you drink, so only love enters your energetic field. It’s even helpful to clean your spaces (home/work); you can use a floor wash mixed with some holy water, or wipe down surfaces with any type of blessed water. You can also take a shower and just imagine the water washing away what is no longer serving you…and thank the water for its service.

Saturday, August 21st

Today is a ‘YES’ day; let your first response be “yes” to everything, even if you change your mind later on. But I sense the opportunities and invitations received today will be blessed!

Say Yes to showing up to life. Say Yes to trusting your inner guiding system. Say Yes to the new job, the new clients, the new income, the new date, etc.

We are moving at full-speed ahead! Sometimes an opportunity presents itself and we don’t have much time to think it over; just ask yourself, is this a wish fulfilled for me? Do you feel excited to say Yes? If so, go for it!

Many of you will receive important communication from Spirit, asking you to do something or go somewhere…trust! You are being led towards answered prayers. Today is also one to continue to pay attention to your dreams…your intuition is on point!

Some of you will receive important revelations today…whatever the question was, the answer is Yes!

The action for today is to follow your intuition and be willing (and open) to receive!

Sunday, August 22nd

The power of today’s Full Moon will reveal what was hidden. If there was a change or revelation recently which left you feeling perplexed, just know that this too is a blessing. Some of you may have recently discovered information about someone in your life, or a situation, which has you feeling a bit lost, or confused. I get the sense for many of you that you have learned something (or will soon) that is changing your relationship, to a person dear to you…could be a friend, family member, or partner. Just know that whatever comes up for you today is a blessing…it is liberation and truth.

Not everything in today’s message applies to all, so please read carefully.

Some of you will be liberated from relationships which have been keeping you stuck and weighing you down; possibly from a person who is jealous of you. You are being liberated from their energy and influence. If there’s someone you’ve had a falling out with recently, or are feeling disconnected from, just go with it. Allow things to dissolve naturally; this is the only way to continue on the road towards abundance. Your action today is to try a meditation for the Heart Chakra to clear unforgiveness, and allow yourself to be open to give and receive love.

Some of you will be offered an opportunity that will be a dream come true, but you don’t feel “ready” for. You don’t feel like you know enough or are worthy enough for it; but you so are! You would not have received it if you weren’t. Shift your perspective to see your worth and how it is you are qualified for this blessed opportunity. You don’t need to figure things out on your own — ask for help from your loved ones or co-workers, and also from Spirit. Your action today is to try a meditation for the Solar Plexus chakra to boost your confidence.

Did this week’s reading resonate with you? Let me know in the comments.



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