Weekly Tarot and Energy Forecast-May 30 to June 5, 2022

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4 min readMay 30, 2022

Supreme Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy this week:

Partnerships are the theme for the week; romantic partnerships in particular. Looks like there will be plenty of relationship upgrades: proposals, marriages, moving in together, etc. And for the single folks: you may be meeting someone special this week!

The Divine Feminine energy is ushering in a summer of love — helping us tap into our self-love, first and foremost. And from that expression of love, other love will manifest. Finally a dark chapter will be coming to a close and making way for much needed light! You’ve gained some inner wisdom and insight into yourself, and are stepping into your power. You are heading towards becoming your most authentic self, and showing that to the world.

Tap into your intuition and let your emotions run the show this week; let them help you flow towards your blessings.

Beginning of the Week:

All endings signal new beginnings, and for many of you the season of endings is coming to a close. Soon new or stronger relationships will cross paths with you — this is a sweet time of emotional fulfillment, and pleasure.

Some of you will be meeting a very special someone — a Divine and Destined match — a partner like no other, and made just for you. This relationship could be a soulmate or twin flame manifesting into form for you.

Some others will be potentially getting engaged or married this week, or even setting the date on pending nuptials.

Allow this week’s New Moon in Gemini to solidify all of the partnerships in your life. Let Mama Moon know what kind of relationship inspires you and sets your soul on fire, and allow yourself to be guided towards that vision. For those currently in strong, loving relationships, how can you take your union to the next level?

Middle of the Week:

Spirit is opening doors for those of you seeking romantic matches, and you may be meeting someone very soon or will be going out on a date with them this week. This will be a strong bond from the start, and not just a physical attraction. There will be mutual respect for one another, and frequent displays of affection.

If you are currently in the relationship of your dreams, make plans to go on a date together — something you’ll both enjoy. Don’t be afraid to show your significant other how much they mean to you, especially during this Mercury Retrograde where big and frequent displays of affection will be the most beneficial for romance.

Whether you’re single and looking or in a dedicated relationship, some important information will greet you this week which will have a positive impact on the romance in your life.

End of the Week:

To all my ladies and all folks in touch with their Divine Feminine side — it’s OK to make the first move. It’s OK to take the reins on the relationship for a bit. Traditionally we have been conditioned to believe that the man has to “take the lead”, but Spirit is saying that many of you will benefit from taking charge rather than waiting for your prince (or princess) to rescue you.

If you’re single and there is someone who catches your attention, they may feel a little shy to approach you and also may be unclear as to how to make the first move. You’ll take a great deal of pressure off of them if you break the ice — maybe with just a smile in their direction. This will allow them to freely show you their warm and romantic side, without the insecurities.

If you’re in a loving relationship already, you may be feeling a bit “bored” from waiting on your partner to take more initiative. Maybe you’re the one always making the plans for dates; express to your partner how you feel. Be clear on what it is you need more of from them, because they are confused by your mixed signals. Clear communication is key! Don’t expect them to “just know”.

I can also see some relationships growing where the female/femme may be the older one in the relationship. You might be feeling insecure about it, and maybe feel that your partner is a bit immature for you, but be patient with yourself and with them. Give your person time to blossom because they move at a slower pace than you. Meet them halfway; you won’t be disappointed. They have much more to offer you than you think!

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