Weekly Tarot and Energy Forecast-May 23 to May 29, 2022

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4 min readMay 23, 2022


Supreme Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy this week:

Last week was an intense one for releasing the past, shedding old skin, and welcoming new beginnings. We had to at least be willing to let go of what no longer serves us, in order to make way for the new.

For this week we are students set on a new spiritual path. We will be learning new ways to interact with our physical worlds, in co-partnership with Spirit. There may be some new lessons coming up, but definitely easier ones to grasp. I get the sense the energy will be lighter and more supportive; think of it as if you are a child starting school for the first time — the subjects will be light and maybe even fun.

Overall, we are protected and headed towards more fulfilling circumstances.

Beginning of the Week:

This week starts off strong with the solar energy — light, warmth, abundance, clarity. This is a victorious time — we have overcome the darkness of last week’s Lunar Eclipse, which plunged us into the depths of the underworld (our subconscious).

This week sets us on a new path; blocks removed. For many this means receiving greater rewards and opportunities, and even recognition. I see many of you receiving promotions or new jobs/roles. Something is heading your way which will make life a bit sweeter for you.

Tap into the solar energy — soak up some much needed vitamin D — spend more time outdoors, being visible to the world. As well, boost your Solar Plexus Chakra with some meditation or healing work, to strengthen your confidence. For some of you, a long cherished project of yours will finally receive the recognition it deserves — your persistence will be rewarded.

Middle of the Week:

Spirit would like for you to be more intentional of who you share your energy with. This is a clean slate for you; you are heading to more fulfilling times, but we are also our own saboteurs. It’s easy to slip back into patterns of lack and negativity, which will only keep us in a stuck place. Your best course of action is to cut ties with people who bring you down.

Many of you have people in your lives/inner circles, who are very dramatic. These folks tend to play the victim a lot, and usually feel like they are up against the world. They carry a heavy burden which not only weighs them down, but also weighs down the people closest to them. Avoid these people like a plague! I get it’s hard to cut ties with loved ones, but you can do so in a way that doesn’t feel so destructive. For example, it could be spending less and less time with them. It could be setting certain boundaries with them — they may always have something to complain about, so maybe asking them not to vent so much to you…Point being, you need to take better care of yourself. Set these boundaries with those energy vampires immediately!

Spirit is doing what they can to protect you, but you also have to take steps to protect yourself, and your blessings. Limiting contact with those heavy energy people will greatly improve your state of well-being. As well, be very mindful of what you share with them. Don’t share what’s in progress with these folks, only what has come to fruition, if you choose to.

End of the Week:

Another gift is heading your way this week — possibly a cause for celebration! Something will be cleared up for you; possibly a path you thought was unavailable will be reopened. You’ll feel a greater sense of inspiration and vitality, which can help you complete any creative projects which have been slow-moving in progress.

I get the sense that some new idea, possibility, or message will make its way to you, which will help you keep moving forward. For some, you may have felt uncertain on which decision to make, and now you’ll have the insight you need to know what to do.

While you may want to celebrate any good news with your loved ones (I can see that some of you will learn of a pregnancy or new addition to your family, possibly even a new home), Spirit would like for you to either keep the news to yourself or only share with the “need to know” folks. Not everyone will want to celebrate your joy, so in order to protect your blessings, really be mindful of what you tell and to whom. Share once you receive the keys, if you get what I mean. Once the manifestation has taken form, then you can share with others — don’t let anyone throw salt (or shade) your way.

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