Weekly Tarot and Energy Forecast-May 2 to May 8, 2022

Blessed Manifestation
4 min readMay 2, 2022


Grand Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy this week:

You’ve been so patient and have taken the best course of action towards your goals. The seeds you’ve planted are thriving, and soon you will be reaping a bountiful harvest.

Blessed new opportunities are on the way, especially in your material world. Being that we are still under the influence of Taurus, blessings that you will find of value will be making their way to you.

For many, I see these opportunities being return on investments — your business thriving, or a stock soaring; maybe even receiving an inheritance of some kind. There is money on the way that was previously blocked or held back. This money may make a slow descent to you, possibly first showing up as a promotion, or new clients to work with — it will take some time for this return to build in size, but the wait will be worth it. Just keep at it; keep going.

You may want to consider being open to multiple streams of income, so rather than just rely on one source consider what other avenues are available to you, especially something that involves others. You may want to ask around to see what opportunities are budding within your circles, but don’t commit just yet — take this moment to analyze and strategize before jumping into something new.

Beginning of the Week:

You may have recently been considering some sort of expansion with your finances — leveling up. Spirit wants you to consider not playing it so safe. Take more risks, even calculated ones, towards greater financial abundance.

Some of you may be considering moving on to other jobs, or even applying for a promotion, or raise. Go for it, but do it step-by-step. Again, rather than just quit the job or approach your boss, create a plan on how to move forward — yes move forward on those plans, but do so methodically.

Some of you will be presented with opportunities to relocate for work — this is a gift from Spirit, but read the fine print. Take your time with this decision, and negotiate better terms if needed.

Middle of the Week:

You may have a greater sense of clarity on how to move forward with an important decision that you were previously confused or indecisive about. More information is on the way, to help you make the best decision.

Be strategic with your plans, but don’t allow strategy to keep you stuck in place — your mind can go over moves and counter-moves to no end. The point with strategy is not about being “right”, it’s more about doing what you feel is best for you — trust in your ability to make the best decisions for yourself, especially if you are following your intuition. But Spirit would like you to know that a successful outcome is assured as long as you stay true to your path. The first option that you feel is right for you, even if logically it might not make sense, could be your yellow brick road. Learn to find a balance between your body/mind connection, in order to move forward from a more confident place.

End of the Week:

Another message for this week is about partnerships — this is a blessed time for happy relationships, especially of the romantic kind.

If you’re in a relationship, make plans to be outside this weekend and soak up some sun. Gravitate towards nature so that Mama Earth can bless your union, and strengthen it.

If you are single, this would be a wonderful weekend to dress your best and be visible. A potential love match could be in the area.

I can also see that some of you will be engaged or married this weekend, or some other happy changes are taking place with your family — congratulations either way!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve opted for a more “lo-fi” version of these posts; I honestly put a lot of time and energy into them. I see these weekly readings as a service to my community, but I won’t lie and say it’s easy. It gets tough, especially when I don’t see much engagement on here or on my social media channels. So if you made it to the end of this post, please leave a comment on it, or join my newsletter. Thank you for your support!

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