Weekly Tarot and Energy Forecast-June 27 to July 3, 2022

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5 min readJun 27, 2022


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Supreme Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy this week:

Looks like “The Devil” is rampant this week, but this devil will be different for all. Maybe your devil is fear of failure. Maybe your devil is fear of being betrayed. Think of your devil as being your pain point or “weak” spot. Whatever your devil is, it will play an important role this week.

At the root of every devil is fear — these devils will come to play tricks on us this week. Every news and media outlet here in the United States is circulating stories of loss and lack — there’s a recession, prices are high, food is running out…but “the devil is a lie” as they say. The energy this week will feel intense if you buy into the hype and propaganda. With the New Moon in Cancer gracing us on the 29th, a sense of need for security will be heightened for us all. With the current state of local and global affairs, you might feel challenged in your home spaces — feeling like you don’t have enough; how will you survive all of these challenges? Take a deep breath…it’s gonna be fine!

The external stress may feel overwhelming, but remain calm and centered. Observe and pay attention but don’t personalize the “problems” outside of yourself. Do not give your power to these devils running loose. Spirit wants you to remain logical and rational — do not allow other people’s fears to seep into your cup. Always ask, what is the truth of the matter? What is real and factual right now? Base your decisions and moves on facts, not fiction.

For many of you reading this, anxiety about the future is what you may be currently struggling with — -how will it all work out? If money is an issue, Spirit advises you to sit this week out from all non-essential activities. Sit down and face your fears — go through your bank statements, your bills, your debts — face them all. Get the facts about your finances — how much are you spending and on what? Where is your money going? How is it being used? Where is money coming from? Take a serious inventory of your finances — you have the power to create abundant changes, and it starts with this reclaiming of your power.

Some of you may have recently learned about a job change — possibly a layoff, or decrease in income, and this is causing a rising panic within you. But lack is an illusion — you have more than you think! Take this week to re-center and re-focus.

This too shall pass…

Beginning of the Week:

Mama Moon is letting us know that every molehill of a problem might feel like a mountain this week — this is the energy of illusions playing tricks on us right now. This energy is temporary, so avoid making long-term decisions out of fear; you don’t have all the details and facts. Sit with yourself and wait patiently for the insight you need, to make informed decisions.

Check-in with your mind/body connection this week; are they balanced? How are you feeling? Where are your thoughts taking you? It’s important to make space for self-care this week — do the bare minimum and take it as gently as you can. Doing too much might strengthen any challenges.

Lastly, I want you to think back on the ancestors — how did our predecessors rise up to meet these challenges? We have greater resources and access now than ever before; how can we turn a period of perceived struggle, into a victory? There are treasures here to be found, if you pay attention and read between the lines.

Middle of the Week:

The strain of the every day, mundane routine may be taking its toll on you. You might be feeling more tired than usual — there’s an overall burnout plaguing us all. Even if you feel you have extra energy to spare, conserve it. As I mentioned earlier, take it nice and easy this week. Do only what must be done, and leave the rest for another time.

Rest and relaxation is a must. Independence day is almost upon us — are you taking a trip anywhere? Some of you will greatly benefit from stepping outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and getting into nature.

Some of you are on the verge of quitting your jobs — you’re just over it. But don’t quit just yet. Take a break. Take a day or two off. Take a vacation — do whatever you need to, to give you wiggle room to hang on a little longer. After this break, you will have greater clarity on creating an exit strategy. Don’t quit without a plan in place for your finances.

Now for some of you, even though you are being advised to relax, don’t chill on your spiritual protections. This is the time to lean on faith and stay prayed up. Do what you usually do to protect yourself, loved ones, and homes. If you are a prayer warrior, this is the time to amplify that work for yourself and for the world.

End of the Week:

As we end June and welcome July, we will gain a break from the intensity of this week — a break in the clouds which can help to clarify circumstances for us. After the haze of this week, you can see clearly what needs to be done next.

During any “lean” times with money is when I find the greatest inspiration. It’s like those folks who use water sticks to find water, during a drought — challenges create change, and in this case you might be striking gold with some ideas that are coming along.

Some of you might be gaining some wonderful business ideas, or new opportunities heading your way. Possibly for some, you may be gaining a job or income that you had never considered before — this may be the answer to your prayers, but always check-in with your intuition for guidance.

Spirit is supporting you in every way they can, to guide you out of hardship, but you also have to do your part to take care of them. This could mean “feeding” them with offerings, such as candles, money, gifts, food, etc…if offerings are not your thing, at least take a moment to sit with them, in gratitude. Talk to them and thank them for all they do for you (and trust me, it’s so much more than you think). They are helping us move away from troubles and towards a clean slate, and new beginning.

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