Weekly Tarot and Energy Forecast-July 11 to July 17, 2022

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Supreme Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

Relationships will be important this week, as they affect our energies the most. This week’s Full Moon in Capricorn is asking us to consider what money means to us; what does physical security look like for us and those closest to us? Many of us have been fighting against the conditioning from the generations that came before — the belief systems which have kept us in lack for so long. Believing we have to work down to the bone for money, or that money is “evil”, or that our value is directly linked to how much money we have in our bank accounts. What were you taught about money, which is affecting you now?

Physical security is important — having a home and other safe spaces to live; to rest. But we also have to consider security on a larger scale — how can we feel secure in our Earth home? How can we contribute, provide, and give back, in order to make this world a better and “Safer” place? These are questions you’ll want to ponder this week. The focus is both on personal security and assets and also security as a global community.

If you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or stagnant especially given all you feel you have to get done this week, take a moment to sit outside. Connect with Mama Earth for some much needed grounding and energetic nourishment. As well, focusing on how you can help someone else can greatly improve your mood and overall outlook.

Beginning of the Week:

There may be some money-making ideas or opportunities heading your way. You might be inspired to start a business, for example, or have an idea for a product or service you want to provide. Pay attention to what inspiration comes up for you this week, as Mama Moon in Capricorn is giving us some “Midas Touch” energy — your ideas may be the answers to your financial prayers. It could be that you might find or receive an awesome job opportunity; something financially fulfilling is on its way to you.

There’s a bit of a slow moving energy, so if you’ve been waiting to hear back on a job or business offer, you might not receive the answer this week but don’t fret or give up. Some of you have been waiting on a promotion or to hear back on a job offer; it’s on the way but some things have to fall in place before you get notified. Remain optimistic.

Lastly, some of you might be feeling like you’ve been a financial burden on a loved one; possibly you’ve been dependent on a spouse and feel some shame that you haven’t been able to contribute as much as you’d like. But remember that you give back in so many other ways. If this message pertains to you, consider doing something nice for that loved one, like cooking for them, and don’t be afraid to let them know the feelings of inadequacy you’ve been experiencing. Trust that they love and cherish you, and they don’t see you as a burden at all.

Middle of the Week:

That slow moving energy continues, asking you to be a bit more patient. Your ships are coming in, they just might be a bit delayed as things get worked out behind the scenes. Think of how you can best utilize this time while you wait for that message or confirmation. This opportunity/business/idea that’s on the way, how can you make it work for you and for generations to come? The Capricorn Moon is giving us a moment to peer ahead; how can this moment become an investment for your future, and the future of your children/family? This isn’t to put pressure on you but rather to see if this opportunity you’re waiting on is something you see yourself working on long-term.

Sometimes we choose something that we know is not a long-lasting solution for us, just to have something to fall back on. I think we’ve all been there — accepting jobs we don’t like or connect with just so we have some income. Nothing wrong with that but how can we turn these opportunities into something that will carry us into the future? How can the decisions you make now offer you greater security, long-term?

Some of you have been waiting on expected results or outcomes from work you’ve done in the past — possibly there’s been a delay receiving compensation for your efforts. The money/rewards are on the way; no need to worry. Use this time to plan how you’ll use it when it reaches you.

Now may be a good time to consider your options for retirement; possibly opening a retirement account or saving more.

End of the Week:

You might have already received the message or answer you’ve been waiting on, but if not, just hang on a little longer. By the end of the week the energy will pick up the pace and end of delays are possible.

Some of you will be presented with a choice; you’ll be tempted by money in some way. You might be offered a job or opportunity which pays a lot more, but what’s the personal cost to you? More money doesn’t always mean better; I’ve had plenty of jobs that paid well but were draining on me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Consider the pros and cons before making a decision.

Some of you have either quit your unfulfilling jobs recently or you’re thinking of quitting. If you already quit you might be regretting this decision, or you’re on the fence about quitting because you’re afraid you’ll be broke. Lack of money is the root of your fears — thinking that you won’t have enough. But Spirit says not to worry; something better is on the way. It will, however, take effort on your part. If you already quit, strategize on how to get a more fulfilling opportunity, and if you haven’t quit yet, start applying to other jobs — make your exit strategy. Something new is just beyond the horizon and might make its way to you swiftly, if you can ride this wave and get to strategizing.

Last but not least, try to curb your spending. Be very discerning of where your money is going; sometimes we can get into a haze of mindless shopping. Some of you are not aware that someone may be stealing from you — you might be getting overcharged for some subscriptions, for example. As well, some of you will be presented with a “too good to be true” offer to invest — be wary of anyone who guarantees miraculous outcomes. This might not be the best week to actually put money down towards investments, like stocks for example.

Be wary of scams this weekend. Check-in on your elderly loved ones and make sure they aren’t getting scammed or overcharged for services. One way to open the flow of abundance (and also energetically shield yourself from scammers) is by giving back — consider donating to worthy causes, especially related to Mama Earth.

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