Weekly Tarot and Energy Forecast-February 28 to March 6, 2022

Blessed Manifestation
6 min readFeb 27, 2022


Grand Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy this week:

There is a masculine energy gracing us this week, asking us to be more analytical and strategic. Under this Pisces season we may all feel more inclined to engage with illusions and get caught up in drama — not everything you think or feel is true. Allow thoughts and feelings to come and go, without focusing too much on them, but also don’t disregard the messages they have for you. It will greatly help us all to play a bit more, and not take ourselves (or what comes up for us this season) so seriously.

We will welcome a New Moon in Pisces on the 2nd, asking us to continue to tap into our inner child — they have the answers and clues we need, but now we must be more vigilant at receiving the messages they have for us. This week pay close attention to any messages received, especially the ones from Spirit, whether in dreams, ideas, or even repetitive numbers.

Find a balance between making time for work and play (and rest). As we enter into tax season here in the U.S. it’s also important to review the numbers in your life — your budgets, bills, expenses, income, etc. It is advised that you seek out a professional to help you with your taxes, and any other financial concerns — there are plenty of free and low-cost resources — just run a Google search in your area.

This week may also be significant for some of you, with respect to your romantic partnerships. Read the beginning, middle, and end of the week sections for more insight.

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Beginning of the Week:

At the start of this week you’ll want to consider shifting your perspective on your circumstances. If there’s anything currently stressing you, how can you turn it into something more fun for you? Laughter is truly the best medicine — if you can’t seem to get out of your own head, spend some time with a loved one who always manages to cheer you up. Just remember that no matter how bleak things seem at times, they will always work out in the end; Spirit wants you to know that nothing here is permanent, and everything is constantly changing. This too shall pass.

As well, many of you will be receiving more opportunities for romantic fun and play. There could be new romantic encounters; possibly meeting someone new or going on a fun date. I can see some of you (older women) being courted by a younger male suitor — you may be intrigued and curious but holding yourself back because of insecurities about your age. Spirit says to have fun and not take things so seriously. Just enjoy and play!

Middle of the Week:

You may be feeling financially strained; feeling like you don’t have enough to enjoy the best that life has to offer. But you don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy your life now. Learn how to cultivate a more luxurious lifestyle with what you currently have, which also goes back to being grateful about what you have now. Spirit wants you to focus on the riches here for you now — access to food, clean running water, electricity, a home, family and friends, etc…not everyone has what you have. You are already rich with many blessings, and once you can open up to that you will open the doors to even greater abundance.

Some of you have been spending a lot more than necessary. It is wonderful to treat yourself, but do so in moderation, especially if you are not as financially secure as you’d like. Spirit wants you to know that the lack you are feeling/perceiving is due to some beliefs about yourself you adopted early on in childhood, and these beliefs are holding you back from living the life you want. Ask yourself why you want what you want — what need is it fulfilling for you? Potentially the void you are trying to fill with things is a need for love — for companionship.

Some of you are considering a more long-term arrangement with your romantic partner, such as a marriage or some other form of agreement. There is a legal element to this union — make sure you are both clear on the terms moving forward. Possibly you are looking to purchase a home with your partner. Make sure you are both on the same page about what you want your future to look like together.

Some of you may also be considering dissolving a romantic agreement — possibly a divorce. It’s OK to want something else or new for yourself, but take things step-by-step. Don’t just jump into something new or jump out of a situation — things aren’t always how they may seem in your mind. Give yourself a moment to process what you’re thinking/feeling, and also you may benefit from speaking with a professional (such as a lawyer) about your options.

End of the Week:

You are aligned for your highest good. You are completing cycles which you’ve held on to throughout other lives. Be proud of how far you’ve come, even if it feels like nothing much has changed. If you really sit to consider things, you’ll recognize how much you’ve changed and how much you have accomplished. Soon there will be a new cycle starting, but for now take things as they are — just be present.

Right now you may be yearning for more fulfillment — for your cup to be filled. This is a wonderful opportunity to consider the people, places, and circumstances in your life that are not fulfilling your soul’s needs. In this sense you can move on and move forward, towards the nourishment you need. With respect to romance, you may be considering moving on from your current relationship. I can see that some of you are being unfaithful (or considering it) to your current partners — you’re searching for something in another that you cannot find in your current partner. Spirit wants you to know that void you’re looking to fill is within yourself, in other words you won’t find it in another. However, definitely someone else can compliment the love you have for yourself, and your own self-fulfillment.

Don’t be scared to leave a current relationship just because it feels familiar — that longing you feel for something else is a message you need to pay attention to — it will guide you to a greater sense of purpose and love.

Lastly, many of you will find that inner fulfillment by connecting with Spirit on a deeper level. You might be praying, journaling, and/or meditating every day, but how do you feel afterwards? Do you feel Spirit within you and all around you? Can you feel the hand that Spirit uses in your daily affairs? Can you see it? Everyone’s spiritual practice is different and unique, but many of you are not really connecting no matter how much you “try”. First consider that you may need to change your methods and intentions, and secondly, where is the resistance to connect coming from? Is it from a conditioned fear of the “unknown”? Is it because you don’t want to be perceived as “woo-woo” or weird? Take a moment to sit with yourself and learn what is really holding you back from living out the life of your dreams — Spirit is always with you and just waiting for you to work with them, for help.

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