Weekly Tarot and Energy Forecast-April 11 to April 17, 2022

Blessed Manifestation
3 min readApr 11, 2022


Grand Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy this week:

Last week was a “money” week and this week is a Jackpot! week. This week’s Full Moon in Libra is laying it all on the table — you will have a plethora of blessings to choose from, but the amount of options may feel overwhelming to some. Sometimes we’re not used to an abundant flow of opportunities and blessings, and I know I’m one that doesn’t like to turn away gifts. But just because you say no to some things now, doesn’t mean you won’t have another chance at them later on. So, even though you might want to say yes to many things, realistically choose what works for you here, and now.

As well, if you’ve recently been offered an opportunity, such as a new job, but you don’t feel so connected to it, just know that something better will present itself sooner than you think. Don’t compromise on what you really want — on what brings you more joy, and pleasure.

The Wheel of Fortune is turning in our favor, elevating us to new heights in our lives — you will not know the forms your manifestations will take, but know that they will take form! Keep walking forward in faith.

Beginning of the Week:

Mama Moon’s influence will be especially potent this week. While Spirit is preparing things for you in the background, you may have moments where you are uncertain or insecure if things in your life are really progressing. They are! Trust that everything is being taken care of for you. Trust this process of unfolding.

You are in alignment towards more fulfilling outcomes, but a lot of times you get in your own head (and in your own way). Don’t doubt your abilities to make the best decisions for yourself, and especially do not ever doubt in Spirit, which is always leading you to the promised land. Don’t go against the current, and things will flow to you faster than you think.

This message is for a particular few of you: you were recently led astray; possibly even misdirected or misled by someone. But no need to worry; justice will prevail in your favor. The tables will turn on your enemies.

Middle of the Week:

Trust your intuition, which will be enhanced this week, especially regarding the people around you. Some of you may be dealing with wolves in sheep’s clothing, but it looks like the truth will be revealed this week. Your enemies may come to the light, so you will know who they are, but be strategic — don’t let them know you’re onto them. Remain silent and vigilant; those false relationships are coming to an end.

By releasing people, energies, and circumstances that had been holding you back, you now open yourself up to even greater blessings and opportunities. In fact, many of you will be receiving an influx of money, or other relevant resources which will be of great value to you. I also see some of you meeting new people — potential love matches. These potential new partners are worthy of you at this stage in your life, and you are worthy of them. Stronger partnerships are imminent.

End of the Week:

Protect and honor your energy above all else — this goes hand-in-hand with taking care of your health. Energy is spiritual health, and in many cases this could affect your physical, mental, and emotional health as well. It’s important that you reserve your time and energy on people, places, and circumstances of value. Energy is our greatest currency; where are you spending it, and on whom? If it’s not something that is elevating you, inspiring you, educating you, or nourishing you, do not make space for it; do not make it a priority.

I understand that in some cases, like at a workplace for example, you don’t really get much say into who you interact with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect or conserve your energy. For people like that, keep it professional and light, but don’t give beyond the necessary exchanges. And yes, energy can be exchanged with even a gesture as simple as a look — energy vampires are everywhere! Be more discerning of the energies surrounding you, to remain free and clear to walk on the path towards everything you want, and better.

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