Tarot and Energy Forecast-October 31 to November 6, 2022

Tarot and Energy Forecast

Supreme Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this tarot and energy forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Also please note, not every message will apply to you directly, but it could apply to someone in your inner circle. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

Tarot and Energy Forecast temperature: jewels from the past

How can we move forward and on, when we’re still looking back? Well, guess what? The past will always be around. Time isn’t linear; we aren’t just going through days and forgetting them once they end. The point here is that, we have the wonderful (and sometimes terrible) ability to access the past, and the future; to access all possibilities at once, right here in the present. Consider that when the “past” comes up, there’s a message there.

In this week’s case, your success will come from the treasures of the past. There’s something from before that will be useful here and now. For many of you, accessing your past troubles and challenges will hold the key to a more successful future. Learn from your “mistakes”. Use whatever lessons you previously learned, and maybe you can teach others how to avoid those pitfalls. You’ve already done the work, so use this knowledge to help others. Apply this message if you are someone who is entrepreneurial and seeking a new source of income, or business opportunity.

Take a moment this week to harness the deep powers of Scorpio, to help you assess what would be best to pull from your inner archives; what do you need to bring forward in order to help you move forward? Pay close attention.

Beginning of the Week:

Some of you may be hearing from an ex this week. Prepare to have healing conversations with this person, though the “healing” aspect of it may reopen old wounds. This will be a powerful moment of closure for you, to help you move on. For some this may not be an ex; could be someone you love(d) deeply, but hurt you.

In a way this is a full circle moment for you. You can decide from this place what your next path will be. I see that some of you may be tempted to reconnect with an old flame, possibly giving them another chance. The best part about the past is that you can take a look back to see where the pitfalls were, that you missed. In the case with this old flame, take a look to see if those previous red flags you missed are still here.

We continue to put old dramas and traumas to rest, in order to access the sweet new beginnings begging to grace us now. If a door closes this week, don’t even try to reopen it.

Middle of the Week:

The middle of the week brings us auspicious energy. Many of us will be receiving the answers to our prayers and wishes coming true. There is forward-moving energy here, so use it to gain momentum on anything you’ve been stuck on. Utilize any peaks of creativity or motivation to complete projects which you may have put aside.

There’s something about this mid-week energy that is reminding me of the end of year; that time when everyone is making their plans and setting intentions for the new year. Whatever you typically do to set yourself up for a good year, try it now. Maybe it’s vision boards, or spell work; whatever the case, use the current vibes to ride the waves towards successful manifestations.

Some of you may be receiving offers of romance this week; potentially someone new making their intentions known. Enjoy this sweet new beginning, if you choose to give this person a chance.

End of the Week:

Many of us will have the opportunity this weekend to finally grab life by the horns in ways we haven’t done in such a long time. Maybe you’ve been feeling stuck in your circumstances, or have felt the energy going stale. I see this weekend as a liberation of sorts; emerging from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly, ready to conquer the world.

There may be circumstances or people crossing paths with us this weekend which will lend a helping hand. Pay attention to the opportunities that come your way, especially if they help you feel more like you want to feel; maybe more excited, or empowered.

Some of you will be asked out on dates or meet a new flame; the dry spell is over!

For some others I can see new work opportunities coming your way; jobs or positions that will help you feel more fulfilled. You may even be tempted to quit your current situation; follow your heart.

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