Tarot and Energy Forecast-May 29 to June 4, 2023

Blessed Manifestation
4 min readMay 29


Rich Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this tarot and energy forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Also please note, not every message will apply to you directly, but it could apply to someone in your inner circle. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy for this week:

Tarot and Energy Forecast temperature: sacred connections

This week we welcome a new month and a new vibe, as we get closer to the Summer Solstice. The Patriarchy will be the focus of the week; how we tap into our Divine Masculine energies (which we all possess), or how disconnected from it we are. How we take charge (or not). As well, we will be questioning how open we actually are to change.

On the personal level, you may be asked to step into Leadership roles, or you will have opportunities to connect with the “higher ups” in your career. On the community-level, there may be some new information or insights from our outer power structures (think governments and religions) which will have a long-term effect; whether this is a positive or a negative is up to your perspective on the situation. Regardless, change is coming!

You may also find yourself questioning your relationship with Spirit and your approach to spiritual connection. This is what this time is about, so don’t be afraid to ask those deep questions and see if what you thought you believed in still holds true.

Beginning of the Week:

There may be opportunities for you over the next few days to really make meaningful connections with others. Either with someone new or with someone you felt distant from recently. For many of you this is related to a romantic relationship.

If you are single and looking, be open to love in all forms. Show up to everything as if your partner will be there. If you get invited out, show up.

If you are partnered up, set some fun dates with your loved one; get dolled up and go out on the town. Some of you may want to consider popping the big question this week or even renewing your vows. If you’re already engaged, you may be setting a date for the big day this week.

In business or financial affairs, follow your heart. Consider the long-term effects of your decisions and how fulfilling they will be for you in the long-run. If you, for example, get a promotion but you’re not really feeling up for the role, voice your concerns. This is a time to question if the path you’re currently on is still relevant.

Middle of the Week:

As we get closer to this week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, the heat is turning up on all our endeavors. Some blessed manifestations will be making their way to you; things you’ve been praying for and actively working towards.

The romance vibes continue so whether you are single or booed up, ride this pleasure wave. In fact, you may want to consider breaking away from your usual norms and standards when it comes to love — a fresh approach is called for. Whatever hasn’t worked, discard it and try something new — rock the boat a little!

Some of you may find a partner (romantic or otherwise) from an unlikely source. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Any new connections made this week may prove to be fruitful in the long-run. Keep an open mind about everyone you meet this week.

End of the Week:

There is a glorious energy of forward movement; this is a time you definitely want to make the most of! Lots of rapid changes, news, and good fortune coming our way!

Anything you felt blocked from previously will now become available to you. There is a shower of abundance right now that is available to us all; blessings pouring down from above! Whatever you have been wanting to obtain or receive, go forward with it confidently. This weekend will be great for moving, signing new agreements, starting new projects, and being visible. Go outside if you can, get some fresh air, and absorb the celestial vibrations that are going to help us feel (and look) our best. This is a time of victory, so if you gamble you may end up winning big.



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