Tarot and Energy Forecast-May 22 to May 28, 2023

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5 min readMay 22


Rich Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this tarot and energy forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Also please note, not every message will apply to you directly, but it could apply to someone in your inner circle. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy for this week:

Tarot and Energy Forecast temperature: mind your words

Be extra cautious of what you say and to whom; words have extra power this week. Consider how you speak to yourself and how you speak to others, as well as how you approach the situations that come up this week.

This could be a week where secrets are revealed. The haze of Mercury Retrograde is almost cleared and the illusions are breaking up. Possibly someone you thought was a friend or ally could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When someone asks you a question this week, answer like you’ve been prepped by a lawyer — only give the information you’ve been asked and nothing more. Some of you may find yourselves with looser lips this week, so try to be mindful about what you say.

Take a diplomatic approach to all your interactions and don’t answer questions you don’t know the answers to — don’t try to act like you know if you don’t or else your words may bite you in the ass later on. Be very clear and concise with what you have to say. Stick to the facts and leave the fluff for another time.

Some of you may have the opportunity to clear up and rumors or allegations about you this week, and please try to avoid gossip or else you may end up being the hot topic soon.

Beginning of the Week:

New, fulfilling opportunities will make their way to us this week. This could take the form of ideas, job offers, business deals — whatever the case, this is an answered prayer. Take the reins of whatever comes up for you this week — this is a moment of advancement in your endeavors. Keep quiet about what comes up for you until your plans are solidified.

For some of you this news or opportunity is related to education — you may be taking some classes this summer or are graduating from some program soon. Your hard work will be paying off!

If you are currently unemployed and seeking a job, this might be the time to upgrade your skills. You may even want to consider entering into a new field or career path.

For some of you, a project you’ve been working on for a long while will finally be completed, or you will be recognized for your work.

If you’re staring a new job this week, be patient with yourself as you learn the ropes.

Middle of the Week:

Fruits of our labors are coming up for us, which will continue to open doors of possibilities. Continue to remain quiet about the blessings that come up for you. You might be tempted to announce the wonderful offers coming your way but please hold off until you can read the fine print.

Some of you have been consistently posting your content and are being seen. You might not feel the love but trust that it’s there. You may be receiving more followers, opportunities, or possibly some of your posts will go viral this week. There may even be an offer coming in for a collaboration or sponsorship deal. I know it’s tempting, but don’t announce it just yet — there are some details that need to be worked out.

Some of you may be receiving flashes of insight and inspiration — creative solutions to long-standing problems. Finally, this is the answer to your prayers! Implement the technique before you share the results.

Some of you may have received an offer at the start of the week that was good, but you may still be on the fence about. If you wait a while longer, a better opportunity may come before the end of the month. If you already jumped in, there may be a way to get out of the agreement so don’t lose hope.

End of the Week:

Possibly some of the options that were presented to you this week were not exactly what you wanted. Maybe the deals were not as good as you thought, or possibly you feel like you could do better. Spirit wants you to know that no offer will be 100% what you want it to be; there may be an element “off” but that should not deter you from moving forward. Don’t wait around for “perfection” or else you will always feel disappointed.

If you are feeling undecided, you could close your eyes and just dive in, or wait a bit — the choice is yours. Sure something “better” might come along, but think of what the options are in front of you; you can only move forward with factual information. Get all the details and weigh the pros and cons. Some of you may need to act quickly though, so just know that no matter what you choose, nothing is set in stone. If you decide later on that you regret jumping in, well now you know better for the next time around. Make the most of whichever path you take.

If your gut is telling you to wait, then do so. In this case, consider which option(s) are closest to your long-term vision. What fulfills your needs now and tomorrow?

If you signed a contract that you would like to get out of, there may be a way to cut the cords to it. If this is you, consult with someone who can go through the terms with you (possibly a lawyer) to see what your options are. Whoever you consult, make sure they can give you solid facts, so you can make an informed decision.

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