Tarot and Energy Forecast-August 8 to August 14, 2022

Tarot and Energy Forecast

Supreme Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this tarot and energy forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy for this week:

Tarot and Energy Forecast temperature: Cool and Optimistic

We’re cooling off from last week’s blessed disruptions, but the theme of relationships and partnerships is still relevant for this week. We’re being called to follow our passions; to stop settling for less than we deserve. And on the other hand, we also have to become more aware of how we treat others in our lives. There has to be a balance of give and take. It can’t be all about you and how you want things to be.

This is a time to question what is not working in our lives. We have a Full Moon in Aquarius gracing us on the 11th; its home planet of Uranus is asking us to disrupt those routines that have become stale and boring — that aren’t nourishing us anymore. Where Leo season can be all about the “me show”, the Moon in Aquarius is asking about the “us” — the collaboration. In what areas of your life can you benefit from a strong partnership or collaboration?

If you’ve been recently struggling with your romantic or platonic relationships, what role can you play to improve the circumstances? What action can you take? Let your strategy be guided by your heart and desires.

Beginning of the Week:

There’s movement in the works; possibly many of you reading this will be moving away from circumstances that are no longer serving you. You may be physically moving locations, considering moving, or moving from jobs or other states of being. This transition is exactly what you need! It’s going to feel refreshing and fulfilling. If you’re feeling hesitant about moving forward with this transition, take things slow and steady but please keep moving forward.

There may be news or an opportunity heading your way to herald in this new phase; it’s gonna be something wonderfully empowering!

We are all heading away from troubled waters and towards the manifestations of our dreams; keep going! A long standing cycle, pattern, or lesson is coming to a close, and you will soon be in celebration mode!

Middle of the Week:

There’s an important relationship which has been on your mind; something you’ve been stressed about. This could be romantic but it could also be with other loved ones, like family or friends. This relationship means something special to you but it hasn’t been without challenges. It seems like there’s a struggle to find some common ground.

Spirit wants you to know that this relationship will take work in order to get to a more harmonious place. You might be feeling tired of “working” on things, but this could be fruitful for you. Possibly coming together to work on something outside of yourselves can help to strengthen the bond, such as working on a community service project, or even a joint business or hobby.

Going back to the theme of the week; remain optimistic. Don’t let the stress of what’s not working make you feel like harmony will be impossible to achieve. Consider what you both want out of this relationship, and also what you want as an individual, and then see if you can find the middle of the road. Try to see each other’s perspective. Be patient with your loved ones and with yourself.

End of the Week:

Referring back to your important relationship (either romantic or not); one of the root causes of the strain is money. For many of you though I see this as trouble in your marriages. One of you is focused on the past while the other is focused on the future. The person stuck in the past is only able to see their past failures and mistakes, and they can’t seem to be present or plan ahead. Meanwhile the one focused on the future is financially dissatisfied where things are in the present, and only feels a sense of purpose planning ahead.

The past-focused individual could feel stuck and stressed at their jobs; they are living check to check and struggling to meet the goals of the couple (or family). The future-focused individual possibly earns more and they have lofty goals, which the other person can’t even hope to meet at this point. So the question is, where is the middle ground?

Take some time this weekend to evaluate each other’s finances, and the finances of the family (or group). Where are things right now? Try to focus on the present and what is real and actual in this moment. It’s good to know where each person is in the present and where they stand. From here you can decide if you can move forward together, and how to do so. If you’d like for things to work out, give each other grace and release expectations. The choice is yours.

Did this week’s reading resonate with you? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to receive the weekly tarot and energy forecast, monthly pick-a-card readings, and free psychic readings to your inbox.



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