Tarot and Energy Forecast-August 22 to August 28, 2022

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5 min readAug 22, 2022
Tarot and Energy Forecast

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Supreme Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this tarot and energy forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy for this week:

Tarot and Energy Forecast temperature: Draining but Hopeful

The tension and “stickiness” from last week continues this week. We’ll be presented with or confronted by the last challenges before a lesson comes to full conclusion. Have you noticed a theme within the past 2 weeks with your circumstances? What have you been dealing with presently, that you want to come to an end? The end is near but not before the final conflict.

This week’s New Moon in Virgo is “tidying up” what we’ve been putting off or overlooking. We can’t make space for the new while the old still clutters our lives.

You might be feeling exhausted from all that you’ve been working on and have had to do in order to complete this cycle, but hang on a little longer; relief is in sight! Keep in mind that everything that happens has a purpose, even if it is unknown to you. Spirit always has your back; what have these cycles been trying to teach you? This is a wonderful opportunity to finally finish this chapter.

Remain grounded in truth, facts, and logic. Focus on what is real and present now, to help you overcome whatever presents itself for you this week. And know that you (and we) will get through this! We will come out victorious! Have faith.

Beginning of the Week:

Something is coming to its end, making way for a new beginning, but this end may feel intense. Something has to be released or concluded before you are able to enter into a more fulfilling cycle.

For many of you this ending is with relationships, of the romantic and non-romantic kind. You may receive information that will feel heartbreaking, such as a betrayal of some kind, or someone could show you their true colors and you won’t like it. Some of you will come to realize that there’s a person in your inner circle that is trying to break-up your romance or marriage. Regardless of the form in which this ending presents itself, this is the time to make your exit.

Don’t chase after what leaves or eludes you. Don’t try to understand their motives if they are the ones leaving you — let everything be as it is. Trust that these transitions are for your best and highest good. Use the truth, facts, and wisdom you’ve gained to fortify your strength during any trials you may be facing. This will pass sooner that you think.

Middle of the Week:

By now you may be “grieving” the “loss” of whatever has come to an end, or you might be at the tail-end of this chapter. I can see that many of you will be feeling “trapped” by your circumstances — possibly you’re unsure of how to proceed or what to do next. This is the perfect moment for a pause. There’s nothing more that needs to be done right now.

Giving yourself space and permission to process is what is called for. You’re not seeing things clearly because you are still going through the motions of this conclusion, so try your best not to make lasting decisions from this place. Take a moment to rest and reflect.

Some of you may feel tested by other loved ones in your circle, who maybe don’t agree with your recent decisions. I see that you may have decided to step away from a job or relationship, possibly even go for a divorce, but your family and friends may not agree. This isn’t the time to justify your actions to others. Give yourself a break first, in order to fill your energy reserves. Then you can “explain” your actions from a more grounded and strengthened state.

Soon your perspective will be shifting towards the positive. Once you can give yourself a moment, you will gain the clarity and insight you need to know what to do next. In fact, Spirit recommends meditation to clear your head. There are many different ways to meditate, so find one that can help your mind find calm. When the multitude of thoughts pause, then you can hear Spirit (and your inner voice) more clearly.

End of the Week:

Regarding relationships, some of you have decided to call it quits, divorce, break-up…this is for the best. You two are are in different places in your life, and now it’s time for new and blessed relationships with those who can relate to you better.

For some others, you have not yet broken up but you feel close to it. There’s a sense of disappointment and disillusionment that seems irreparable. If you both really want to make this relationship work, things have to completely change. You have to both be willing to, in a sense, start over. This relationship has to reset and you both have to rebuild from the ground up. The best way to start on this path is by forgetting the pains from the past and how you hurt each other, as well as by shifting how you view one another. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and have them do the same for you — come to understand one another from the other’s perspective. This is the only way to strengthen your bond and move towards a more fulfilling union.

Possibly some couples reading this will want to make things work because there’s a baby on the way (or you just recently welcomed a child). Work still has to be done and I would not use the baby as an excuse to make things work; you have to both be willing to strengthen this bond. You may be presented with some Divine intervention to help your relationship or a sign that help is on the way — pay attention.

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