Tarot and Energy Forecast-April 17 to April 23, 2023

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Rich Rising family! We are at the start of a new week; read this tarot and energy forecast with an open mind and heart, and remember that not everything is set in stone. Also please note, not every message will apply to you directly, but it could apply to someone in your inner circle. Always check in with your intuition for guidance.

The overall energy for this week:

Tarot and Energy Forecast temperature: mind and body alignment

And we’re back! Not sure about you but the start of Q2 was pretty rough for me. I needed to get back into the groove with these weekly readings because there will be a lot going on, energetically, within the next few weeks. This is the time to make sure your head and feet are on the same page; walking in the same direction. Be aware and intentional with everything you do, so you won’t accidently walk into a pit just because you were distracted and didn’t see it was there.

This week we’ll be faced with some old stories and narratives; things that haven’t been resolved within us yet. I get how tired we all are of going through the same sh*t BUT these things keep coming up for a reason. This is the moment to pay attention to what the messages are for you. As well, this is also a moment to decide if you want more of the same experiences or if you are ready for something new. The Universe is supporting positive changes for us all but we have to be more intentional with how we receive them. In some cases, you may be missing the point altogether. Take time this week to reorient yourself.

Stop holding on so tightly to how things were. You may be holding on to some past trauma or grief that is still unresolved; facing it and forgiving the experience will help you continue to release it for healing. Give yourself permission to let go. Something better is over the horizon.

I feel that for some of you this week will present some financial challenges, possibly ones you were not expecting. This isn’t a punishment, but there is an important message for you with this experience. Things are actually better than you think; take a moment to shift the perspective.

P.S: we have a solar eclipse, new astrological season, and Mercury going into retrograde this week…take things nice and slow…this isn’t the week to start on new, major projects. First see how the energies manifest for you, and then take the steps you need to. Get your head and feet on the same page.

Beginning of the Week:

There’s something brewing behind the scenes. Some seed you planted a while back is coming back to help you. Think of this as a return on investment. This “fruit” could come in the form of a great idea, solution, or inspiration. Pay attention to your dreams and the signs you receive from Spirit, for clarity on how to use this tool coming to you. This tool will manifest either at the beginning of this week or around the New Moon towards the end.

Some of you are being reminded that things are much better than you think. Don’t give into the old narratives of lack — start by looking at everything you have to be grateful for in the here and now. You are blessed! Financially this might be a “lean” time, but this is where you will get more creative on the ways you spend and receive money.

Some of you are being guided to plant some new seeds this week. With this potent eclipse season we are entering into, your wish might manifest by the next eclipse in May. Take a moment to think about what you would like to grasp within the next 4 weeks, and allow Mama Moon to help you turn that dream into reality.

Middle of the Week:

Something you’ve been working towards or fighting for will finally work out in your favor. You may be receiving news of a new opportunity that will help you feel more fulfilled and encouraged like never before. This is a role you’ve been waiting for; you will be stepping into a position of leadership and authority.

Some of you dealing with court cases may be receiving good news and closure, in your favor. If you’ve been facing legal battles, now is the time to consider working with a seasoned professional who can help you win — this person may be more of a financial investment, but will be worth it.

As we get closer to Mercury retrograde you will want to really be careful with anything you sign or any contracts you enter into. Make sure to have someone who knows what they’re doing help you review the legal jargon before committing to anything. Always read the fine print.

End of the Week:

As we enter into Taurus season during Mercury in retrograde, you will have to go back to the drawing board with respect to your sense of security. This is a moment of empowerment as you pause to realign with your craft — your expertise.

Some of you may be receiving news of a layoff this week, or something unexpected happening with your career — the planets are urging a change for the better. They want you to focus on something you are good at and love to do; what could that be? Take the next few weeks to rediscover your passions, or turn your cherished hobbies into profitable income.

Some of you are being called to go back to school. Possibly there’s something you love to do, but have no formal training in. This is the moment to actually get those certifications and degrees, to help you feel more legit with whatever this passion is. Or you might currently be in the study phase of this career-change, and now you need more practical application to gain hands-on experience. Take a moment to check up on any internships or apprenticeships which can help you get a foot in the door in your chosen industry.



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