Guidance from the Queen of Pentacles for Taurus season


An illustrated queen of diamonds playing card featuring a female figure holding a flower, accented by leafy green background and a taurus zodiac symbol.

The Queen of Pentacles in Tarot can represent material gain and financial stability. Sometimes she may come up in a reading and you may wonder why, especially during challenging financial circumstances, but you should know her energy can apply to you even during times of “lack”.

The Queen of Pentacles only knows abundance because she understands how to make use of her resources. Maybe she only has soup and bread to offer, but trust and believe everyone in her domain will be fed. “Where there’s a will there’s a way” she says. Somehow you know you’ll be taken care of by her and all will be well even when you don’t know how.

So if you’re struggling right now (especially with respect to your finances or health), use this time to…

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