Daily Tarot Reading-5/12/2021

Blessed Manifestation
2 min readMay 12, 2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Here is your daily tarot reading for May 12th, 2021:

Two back-to-back Aces; what a treat! The Ace of Water (or cups) is about new beginnings in the emotional realm. This is about emotional fulfillment and abundance. Be open to the Love the Universe has for you, and allow that to manifest as the Love you give to yourself, and others.

Allow Love to fill you with hope today; if you are single, hold on to the promise that soon a new love interest will cross paths with you. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, allow Love to renew your partnership. Let Love be your guide today, in all decisions you make.

There’s also the Love Spirit has for you. Spirit will never let you down, and is always available to you. Learn how to create a more fulfilling partnership with your spirit team, in particular learning how to communicate with Spirit. Learn the signs and messages you receive so that you have an easier time of understanding your guidance. You are always being led to your highest good.

I get the sense that the gifts keep on flowing into our lives. You don’t have to accept everything that comes your way, but at least be open to receive. Also be open to understanding yourself and others on a deeper level, with greater compassion. I sometimes get easily irritated with those I love; expecting them to do what I think they should, or act how I think they should. Drop the expectations and allow the people in your life to just be; allow yourself to just be, without judgement. Be a neutral observer today and don’t allow your clouded perspective to interpret what is actually happening; there are 3 sides to every story. If you find yourself at odds with someone else, just consider the possibility that there could be a more harmonious way to collaborate with them, even if you don’t know how just yet.

Be open to your emotions; don’t be afraid to feel and experience, even if the mind doesn’t fully comprehend. There is great freedom in expressing yourself, so don’t be shy to share what you feel. Pursuing artistic and creative expressions today could help remove self-imposed obstacles.

Have a blessed day all! Don’t forget to share the daily tarot reading with your networks!



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