Daily Tarot Reading-4/24/2021

Blessed Manifestation
2 min readApr 24, 2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Here is your daily tarot reading for April 24th, 2021:

Continue to honor and open to the Divine Feminine within us all, and all around us. As we get closer to this weekend’s Full Moon, our intuitive abilities get stronger — trust your gut. Listen to the messages that Spirit has for you, as you are guided on your life’s journey.

Today would be good for cleansing your space, in preparation to receive the Full Moon’s energy. Smoke, as depicted on today’s card, is a wonderful way to cleanse the energy of your body and home, but other ways are welcome as well. Take time today to connect with your benevolent Spiritual family for guidance on what the next step to be. You need clarity right now.

You will feel inspired once again, when you can tap into the creativity within you. You will receive Divine ideas but first clear the clutter. Clear your calendar of unnecessary obligations, clear your to-do’s of burdensome chores, clear your vibrations — just clear a path. Today is not one for force or great action but rather graceful alignment with your Higher Power; knowing it is with you at all times. Trusting in this process; having patience and trusting in Love.

Spend time outdoors if you are able, or at least get some sunshine from your window. Find a way to connect with Mother Earth. If you have house plants, take time today to clean and honor them as well, since they already do so much for you and the home. Look at the beauty and bounty all around you; in the lush green grass, or the tall, flowering trees. Notice how vibrant life is. Let nature nourish you and ground you in faith today.

You’re at a crossroads now and are unable to pick a path just yet — there’s no need to rush. Be gentle with yourself as you receive the grounding, guidance, and inspiration you need, to make the best decision for you.

Have a blessed day all! Don’t forget to share the daily tarot reading with your networks!



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