Daily Tarot Reading-4/21/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Here is your daily tarot reading for April 21st, 2021:

The focus for today is attaining harmonious balance within — make this your top priority. Whatever happens in your inner world is reflected in your outer reality; in your experiences and interactions. What you perceive is what you receive. Your job today is to figure out what signals you are sending out to the Universe, and then change them.

There are changes happening within us and all around us. Be a conscious co-creator with Spirit to help shape your reality. Some changes are out of your control, but the point isn’t about control anyway; you want to learn how to move with the flow of life, not against it. There’s a message playing in the background of your reality — it may even be one that you’re not aware of. It is playing in the soundtrack of your subconscious and playing out into your daily experiences. Learn what that message is that is playing nonstop, and try to change the tune. You can also choose to tune out the noise; there are many ways to engage (or disengage) with your subconscious thoughts, but the important task here is to not let that music continue to block you.

The first step to finding balance is awareness. Take a look at the areas in your life where you are truly unhappy and unfulfilled, and ask yourself what you think needs to change. You need the power of Truth behind all of your intentions; don’t be afraid to dig deep. We all have so many layers to get through. You don’t have to go on this journey alone; use Spirit as your guide.

Tune in to Spirit in your usual way, or if you don’t have a certain way to connect, start with a daily practice of meditation. You can begin with a 5-minute meditation in the morning, before you start your day. You can find free, guided meditations on Youtube for example. Find something to help you reach your spiritual family (angels, ancestors, etc) for guidance. But allow this work to be done slowly and without much effort on your part. This should be a gentle process for you.

You might be wondering, why even bother with this work? Well, you are not balanced right now, and you know it. In fact, your energy reserves may be depleted. This process described above is about radical self-care. This process is about reaching a state of fulfillment in your life. If you want to experience more joy and serenity, you have to be willing to dig deep within yourself to bring out all of the junk holding you back. Don’t be afraid to learn about your patterns. Don’t be afraid to bring out the light of God (Source, Universe, etc) that lives within you. You deserve to live the life of your dreams; you are worthy.

Have a blessed day all! Don’t forget to share the daily tarot reading with your networks!

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising. Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer

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Blessed Manifestation

Blessed Manifestation

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising. Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer

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