Daily Tarot Reading-3/25/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Everything happens for a reason, is one of my favorite sayings because there is a purpose to everything. Though we may not be privy to the “why” things happen, we always have a choice of how to perceive the situation. In this case, know that it’s all true; everything you think and believe, and everything other people think and believe as well. Your lesson today is to accept the duality of life, without judgment.

Life is all about dualities; male and female, night and day, yin and yang. These dualities remind us that life is meant to be shared with others; this is not a solitary experience even though you are going through things seemingly alone. I read somewhere that our lives are built around relationships, not just to people but also to things, places, circumstances, etc. We need the “other” to learn and grow. I bet at some point in your life you experienced inner conflict; possibly uncertain of which path to take. Well, what if you didn’t have to “choose” one? What if you could zoom out and view the path as a whole?

Today consider any conflict you may be experiencing, and try to zoom out to gain a better perspective of the circumstance. Our minds are so creative and intelligent that they are constantly trying to figure out the next move, as well as also account for all possible outcomes. But if you stay in the analysis phase, you’ll never get things accomplished. The form isn’t as important as the function in this case, which is to move forward — to keep going. If you’ve felt blocked by an obstacle or conflict which has arisen, zoom out for a bit and see if you can perceive a different approach. Often a different approach will pop up when we can consider a different perspective; can you use someone else’s point of view to help you make a better decision? Maybe dialing a friend today can help you map out the situation. You don’t need to solve this puzzle on your own.

Dolphins are playful and in this case, you’ll want to add a bit of fun to your problem-solving. Treat it like a game, and also know that there are no losers in this game; everyone is a winner! By taking the edge off you can be more observant rather than obsessive, and this is how you can gain the clarity you need. Accept yourself and everything this day has for you, as is. Breathe in and out. Newer and stronger foundations are being built for your life; make room.

Have a blessed day all!



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Blessed Manifestation

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising. Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer