Daily Tarot Reading-3/23/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! It’s Electric! Boogey-oogey-oogey…you may not know this song, and that’s ok. But today is one for grand ideas! Solutions and epiphanies appear as if out of nowhere. You are fully connected to the cosmic wisdom of the Universe, and are aligned to receive divinely inspired ideas today (and for the rest of Spring).

The Electric Eel Spirit on today’s card is shocking you to awaken your full potential. It’s important to give your full attention to whatever divine downloads you are gifted with because this could be the answer you’ve been waiting on. You’ve been wanting something for a long time and this gift coming your way can help you achieve this desire. Take action on it immediately, even if you have to break your strategy down into small steps.

Even if you have a million things going on, make the time for this new idea/solution. This is something that will feel exciting and exhilarating. You’ll know if because it’s all you’ll want to think about or focus on. Definitely clear some items on your daily schedule to dedicate time to the fruition of this miraculous solution.

I suggest you continue to stay aware of any uncommon occurrences, signs, or dreams you receive. Make notes of everything out of the ordinary for you. There will be messages heading your way to help you know what you need to do next. Be open to the possibilities.

This is a moment of clarity and revelations for you. You may also learn something new about yourself, or others, or about a situation. This information may come as a shock, but will definitely be a needed surprise. I don’t get the sense of “bad” news, but really it’s all about your perspective on the message. Just know that it’s all to your benefit. If you have ideas for entrepreneurial pursuits, but are scared to take a risk because of the current global pandemic, just remember that money isn’t everything. Yes it is necessary but how much or how little you have doesn’t define you, or your experience.

Some of you may have a little extra income to play with; don’t be afraid to invest in a dream. Dreams are always worth it. Some may be receiving news of a new job or opportunity; if you feel excited about it and aligned with it, go for it.

Have a blessed day all!



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Blessed Manifestation

Blessed Manifestation


Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising. Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer