Daily Tarot Reading-01/15/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s message is about resistance — being resistant to change. This message will probably pop up a few times this year because rapid changes are approaching, and they are not stopping anytime soon.

If you’re stressed and frustrated by all the changes, I don’t blame you. I’ve been oscillating between surrender and resistance myself. The Planets are having a party which at times can feel like a dizzying experience with no end in sight. But think of how freeing it is to have no control over your outer circumstances.

You can’t control the weather, the government, or anything else that happens outside of yourself, but guess what? You don’t need to have control because the hands of the Divine have got it. They are taking care of everything in perfect timing and order. You don’t want that responsibility, do you? Of course not! You need time to have a life! So, how about just accepting that control is an illusion. Today focus on your own thoughts and feelings about your outer circumstances, and find a grip — ground yourself in what is, because all you can control are your own reactions.

Focus on the small things today, if you feel you need some sort of stable foundation. You’re right, surrendering isn’t easy; it never has been. The unfolding of your outer and inner worlds is a mystery; we don’t know why these things are happening, but here we are. So rather than have an existential crisis, focus on the mundane. Clean your home, declutter, pay your bills, work on that scrapbook you put off, etc. If you can’t find the ease and comfort you need in the world, at least create your own comfort at home. Home can be anyplace, but make it your sanctuary.

One thing that helps is to make a “frustration” list. Anytime I feel frustrated or overwhelmed by something, I write it down. Usually this is something that’s been nagging me, but also something I can’t do much to change, or fix. Because I can’t do much else but be frustrated, I place my frustrations somewhere other than in my mind. I don’t want to ruminate endlessly on things I can’t fix, or are dependent on someone else to fix them. I leave them on paper and keep it moving. Keep things simple; do what you can, and when you can’t do something, put it in a file for another time. Use your time and energy for other things, like catching up with friends.

And know that just because you don’t have control over many things doesn’t mean you are powerless. Actually the greatest power you have is the power of surrender — surrendering to the Divine presence in your life.

Everything is working in your favor.

Have a blessed day all!



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Blessed Manifestation

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