Calling in Romance with the Saints

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5 min readJun 9, 2022


In this month of June, named after the Roman Goddess of marriage (among other things), Juno, and in this Gemini season, season of The Lovers card in Tarot, calling in romance is a wonderful idea.

You can call in new romance, or a strengthening of your current romantic relationship, with the help of the Saints.

A Novena is a period of 9 consecutive days of prayer, dedicated to one or more Saints.

I like to dedicate a Novena for calling in romance to at least 2 Saints; a female and male because there needs to be a balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. We all possess both, and often there is an imbalance where we tend to lean to one side more than the other (and by the way, I’m not referring to gender expression or sexual identity, though yes the DF/DM play a role). To create a stable and loving partnership focus on a balance of those inner energies.

One of my favorite Saints to work with is Mother Mary. She comes in many forms, and is venerated all around the world in different ways. I particularly work with Our Lady of the Rule (Virgen de Regla) or Our Lady of Charity (Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre). Choose a veneration you connect with, or start with one venerated where you live (for example, in the Dominican Republic we have Virgen de la Altagracia — Our Lady of the Highest Grace, or Virgen de Mercedes — Our Lady of Mercedes). Call upon Mother Mary to help you channel the Divine Feminine energy needed to manifest a loving partner.

Paired with Mother Mary I would also combine it with her husband, St. Joseph, if you’d like to strengthen your current relationship.

If you’re seeking new love, pair a novena to Mother Mary with one to St. Anthony, who is known for helping his patrons find lost or missing things. In this case you are asking St. Anthony to help you “find” your “missing” love. His Feast Day is this month, on June 13th, so starting a Novena by or before that day would be even more powerful.

If you are seeking immediate assistance, I also include a novena to St. Expedite, to rapidly manifest results in the area you are requesting (he’s great for assistance with money or love, which share the same energy by the way).

How I do my Novenas:

Everyone is different so find the way that works for you, but this is my way and it has also been the most successful for me.

I start with a prayer/petition/promise to Mother Mary, in the veneration of your choosing (there are specific prayers depending on the Marian devotion you are working with). I then follow-up with a prayer/petition/promise to a male Saint (let’s say St. Anthony), and if I’m looking for a quick response, I then continue with a prayer/petition/promise to St. Expedite. I conclude my prayers with an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Gloria.


The Prayer is the specific set of words used to channel the Saint you’d like to work with — this is how you ask for their aid.

The Petition is your request to that Saint. Be specific with what you are asking for, but be flexible on the form (and timing) in which your request manifests for you.

The Promise is the work you will put in for that Saint, to “pay” for their services. Now if this is new to you, hear me out. None of us like to work for free. Energy is an exchange, and if there’s no exchange then there’s an imbalance. So a promise in the case of a Novena, is your way of exchanging energy with the Saint you are working with. This gives them the fuel/energy to manifest the answers to your prayers. If you don’t understand energy then let me put it to you this way: it takes a lot of energy for spirits to interact with/contact this world. By providing a “gift” to the Saints, it helps them use it on your behalf, for your prayer — in essence, it helps them continue their service to the world.

Different Saints have different kinds of gifts or offerings they prefer, but if you’ve never made any kinds of offerings, these are the most common and easiest to get started with:

  • Lighting a candle for them, at your home, at their shrine, or at any Christian church (which works with Saints, such as the Catholic or Episcopalian churches, etc).
  • Making a donation to a charity in their name (for example, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital).
  • Making their names known (such as writing a post about their miracles, or even word of mouth will do).
  • Depending on your spiritual practice the offerings may be simpler or more intricate.

A question I get asked a lot about working with the Saints is if you need to be Catholic (or any other branch that works with them) to do so, and the answer is…depends…

Many of the prayers to the Saints involve words and notions that are particular to that branch of Christianity, so if you already have misconceptions/bad vibes around religions or Christianity, then this Novena route might not work for you. You have to have some belief that the Saints can help you, which means on some level you need to believe in them. So no you don’t need to be Catholic/Christian, but yes you do need to have some belief in the words and prayers you are speaking. This isn’t black or white — I know plenty of Spiritualists who are not religious — they may have been baptized into a certain faith but don’t practice the dogma. Your spiritual path/magic is your own. This magic I share with you is my own, and I happily share with you reading this, in case it’s something you’d like to consider.

I also want to clarify something. Traditionally we are taught that the Saints intercede for us, to God, on our behalf in order to get our prayers answered. I use the phrase “working with” the Saints because I believe we have to do our part as well, to get the answers to our prayers. I “work with” the Saints I am petitioning to, because they are giving me the guidance I need, on the circumstance I am praying about.

When I first started doing Novenas, it was to St. Jude, for a job…this was back in 2016. I happened to find a Craigslist ad with a prayer to St. Jude to use in times of financial need. He has never let me down. When I began praying to him, I also received ideas (guidance) on how to improve my resume, who to ask for help, and I would even receive signs of confirmation I was on the right track. My point is, you need to take action to manifest what you want. Sitting and praying, and waiting, will not yield the results you want…you will be called to do something. In the case of romance, it might be joining a dating app for example…just see where this Novena journey takes you.

Let me know in the comments, are there any other Saints you’ve worked with for love? I’ve worked with others as well, but that’s for another post…



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