2023: a very watery year…

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Water is the element of this transformational 2023. If you follow anything about energy then you know the kinds of themes to come this year, but I take it you might not be as informed (not to worry — most people aren’t)…that’s why I do what I do — to share Spirit’s messages!

We’ve been seeing more and more of the consequences for our negative impacts on the environment, and Mama Nature is not playing with us anymore. Appreciate water in all its forms this year because it will be a major player throughout the energy of 2023.

Water is the bridge to Spirit. Water is a way to communicate with the spiritual world and for it to communicate with us. Spiritual communication will be prevalent this year.

Some places will be impacted by flood, monsoons, and more rain, more than every before, while some other places will experience drought or abnormal weather patterns.

Drinking water will be affected in many ways. It may taste differently than before (another way Spirit will communicate with us), or may be contaminated in some places. There may be more of a need to filter water — regardless of the form water challenges you in 2023, make sure to continue to bless it. Thank it for all it does for you. This will help to protect you from the “storm”.

These changes are meant to wake you up — we can no longer continue our daily routines oblivious to our personal responsibility to this Earth; our home. Yes big corporations are fucking things up for us in major ways, but YOU can be the change you want to see. It all begins with you at home. So next time you’re brushing your teeth, try not to let the water run. All it takes is little changes which add up to big improvements. Try it this year.

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